Poor George Peabody and poor Andrew Carnegie. They wished to leave an eternal legacy to the American people, yet only a few decades after they spent millions upon millions building glorious libraries, nearly every one has been destroyed.

Sadly, most wealthy people are duped into believing that their philanthropy will have lasting, if not eternal value to humankind. I personally have seen millions of dollars in donations squandered for ephemeral happenings, from a concert heard by only few, sand castles destroyed by the next high tide, or new football uniforms.

Other legacies may last a decade or two, such as a new science building for a university which will be bulldozed to make room for the next science building dedicated to the next person whose ego demands a building in their name and so on and so on. What a waste!!!

There is only one lasting legacy, which we can call “ETERNAL”, and that is to preserve and protect a remnant of God’s Holy Creation from destruction by the forces of greed and evil.

We are destroying and plundering the life support systems on Planet Eden as provided to us by God to last for all generations, yet the multi-millionaires and billionaires, many of whom made their fortunes at the expense of the future of the human species, built temporal monuments to their overblown egos rather than pay back their debt to God Almighty Himself.

If you wish to leave an “Eternal Legacy” in honor of God, the only way is to protect a piece of Planet Eden as Created by God. THE UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH is dedicated to honoring God by using your contributions to purchase what already belongs to God as Wilderness Cathedrals.

By sending a tax-deductible contribution to the WILDERNESS CATHEDRAL FUND you can do far more than George Peabody and Andrew Carnegie, with even a single dollar bill, to provide future generations with an “Eternal Legacy” in the name of God.


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